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How to use our interactive map

Information Info tool example

Our interactive map allows us to share information with you in map form. To view more details about any path or furniture item please select the Info tool and then select any feature on the map.

Show my locationLocate tool example

Use the Locate tool to zoom the map to your location or a location close to you. After selecting the tool you may need to approve the location request on your device. Please note location accuracy can vary depending on the a wide range of factors.

Map legendLegend tool example

Use the Legend tool to show more information about features on the map. Any of our core map layers will be shown on the map legend to help you interpret the map. 

Map layersLayers tool example 

The Layers tool is used to show what layers are enabled or disabled. You can switch layers on or off here. The map legend will also indicate whether you have zoomed out too far for any map layer to display. 

Searching the mapSearch tool example

Use the Search tool to find a specific path, post code, settlement or grid reference. Once you are in the right location you are ready to report a new issue. Please note you will need to register/login to access this tool. 

Reporting an issueNew issue example

This page lets you report new issues on the rights of way network to the PROW team. Select the New issue button to start a new report. You can only report issues that are within the South Gloucestershire area and within 50m of a path. Please note you will need to register/login to access this tool. 

Viewing past issue reportsMy issues example

You can also view any issues you previously reported here. Select the My issues button to view any past issue reports and check their status. Please note you will need to register/login to access this tool.